Data Capture

Data capture is a critical component for any process automation. It is important to match the data capture method with the employee work setting.  Tractivity has developed six different data capture technologies to meet the range of work settings. All of these technologies work together and may be mixed to match needs.

A key objective when choosing  data capture method is labor reduction which often translates into convenience.


  • Employee
  • Time
  • Job
  • Phase
  • Activity
  • Job Progress
  • Materials Made/Used
  • Notes


Portable Data Capture for Shop and Field Employees

pcTrac PC

Based Time Capture Software for Office & Professional Employees


PC Based Centralized Kiosk for Shop and Workgroups

touchTrac option

Optional Biometric Finger vein Scanner


Cell Phone Time Capture Technology


Web Based Time Capture Technology


Bar Code Capture Technology

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